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  • Perugia. Palazzo degli Oddi
    Perugia. Palazzo degli Oddi
  • Monrupino. Casa Carsica
    Monrupino. Casa Carsica
  • Piuro. Palazzo Vertemate Franchi
    Piuro. Palazzo Vertemate Franchi
  • Alberobello. Trullo Casa Pezzolla
    Alberobello. Trullo Casa Pezzolla
  • Roma. Casa Museo Scelsi
    Roma. Casa Museo Scelsi

Case Museo in Italia

Why visit a House Museum?

A visit to a House Museum is not like any other museum experience.

Museo Ettore Guatelli, Ozzano Taro
• Museo Ettore Guatelli, Ozzano Taro

You will not find a mere collection of exhibits there. You'll embrace a rich, intangible heritage, which stands for the qualities and living styles from different ages and cultures. You’ll get in touch with the owners' favourite things, as well as the domestic and social rituals performed at home.

These are the reasons why House Museums may be considered for the Unesco 2003 Convention for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, i.e. traditions, skills and representations which communities recognize as part of their own identity.


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