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  • Bologna. Casa Morandi
    Bologna. Casa Morandi
  • Cesena. Casa Museo Renato Serra
    Cesena. Casa Museo Renato Serra
  • La Maddalena. Compendio Garibaldino di Caprera
    Compendio Garibaldino di Caprera
  • Corigliano Calabro. Museo Castello Ducale
    Corigliano. Museo Castello Ducale
  • Casola Valsenio. Casa Alfredo Oriani - Il Cardello
    Casola Valsenio. Il Cardello

Case Museo in Italia

A House Museum? What Is This?

A House Museum is a place where someone lived – kings, artists or fishermen, any would do - still bearing signs and forms of the culture and society they belonged to.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani - La Prioria, Gardone Riviera
• Il Vittoriale degli Italiani - La Prioria, Gardone Riviera

House Museums narrate personal tales and illustrate the history, the social changes, the dynasties and economies, the collections and enterprises, and use a language that everyone understands - the language of living.

House Museums in different styles, forms and size are scattered throughout the Italian regions. The royal palaces and patrician villas, collectors' palazzi and artists' homes, urban flats and rural dwellings still reverberate with the voices of those who wanted, inhabited or even built them.

Like few other institutions, House Museums are deeply rooted in their territories. They belong to the local history, landscape and people, and mediate local qualities which passers-by may underestimate. Indeed, House Museums reveal the hidden treasures of Italy.


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