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Appartamenti Reali di Borgo Castello
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Appartamenti Reali di Borgo Castello

house museum Viale Carlo Emanuele II  256, 10078 Venaria Reale (Torino, Piemonte)

The La Mandria Park stretches out, encompassing the village of Borgo Castello, near the royal palace known as Venaria Reale, considered the keystone of the ring of royal Savoy palaces.
Here are the private apartments of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first King of Italy, and Rosa Vercellana, his morganatic wife, whom he married in 1869, and became later known as the "Bella Rosin."
The king chose Venaria Reale as one of his favorite holiday homes, where he made hunting and hunting iconography the leitmotif of of the décor in the apartments.
The décor is inspired by a fashion exploded in the second half of the 19th century, when people became passionate about recovering and reusing shapes from the past even in everyday objects: from Baroque to Rococo and Renaissance.
A team of excellent craftsmen worked in the apartments of Borgo Castello. Living rooms and bedrooms carry the client's "signature": the Savoy coat of arms on the ceramic lamps in the Sala del Biliardo, or Billiards Room, the hunting scenes on the furniture, ceilings and doors, the rose motif and the pink and red flowers of the upholstery, a tribute to Rosa Vercellana.

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