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Castello Ciamarra. Casa di Elena Ciamarra
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Castello Ciamarra. Casa di Elena Ciamarra

house museum Via Sottopalazzo  7, 86028 Torella del Sannio (Campobasso, Molise)

Elena Ciamarra, born in 1894, was one of the very few women to whom the Naples Conservatory of Music awarded - in 1916 - diplomas in Piano, Violin, Composition, and Orchestral Conducting.
It was painting, however, that occupied Elena's heart and mind. She attended art school, met international artists, and travelled all over Europe to visit museums and galleries.
In her family castle in Torella del Sannio, a 12th-century fortified bastion bought by the Ciamarras in the early 19th century, Elena painted the people of the town, peasants and countryside around Torella - a far cry from the topics of social realism so popular at that time.
The rooms currently open to visitors are in the oldest part of the castle, and have been designed to showcase many of Elena's works.
The bedroom, where she worked, is representative of her simple, unassuming lifestyle. You see her easel, palette, straw hat for painting outdoors, her apron still spattered with paint, her bed, her piano, and portraits and landscapes hanging on the walls.

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Castello Ciamarra. Casa di Elena Ciamarra is a pioneering House Museum in our Case Museo in Italia Network. It belongs to the Personality houses category.

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